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May 05, 2010


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Melanie Hogue

The information that my director has presented here; is proof that library services are important and are expected, by a high percentage of tax paying citizens, to include support for life needs, not just entertainment.

Some time ago, there was a public visioning session for our library system, which I attended. As library staff, I was somewhat surprised by the data that was taken. Everyone was asked to brainstorm about what they wanted the public library to offer in services and materials. It was fun! BUT an open ended question like this had the effect of some rather unrealistic suggestions and, I had no trouble noticing that no one stressed the importance of what the library was currently providing.

Did this mean that no one values what we are already doing?

The answer, I am sure, is NO. Though I'm certain the changes we are planning will be improvements, these suggestions were made with the understanding that current library services our patrons are already heavily using would remain intact.

Please consider, in the coming months and year, what decisions you want made regarding your public library; then make these desires clear to your political representatives.

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